You may order any CB Software product online using the product links to the right. Ordering options are presented for each product, as well as options for upgrading existing purchases to newer product releases or different product types.  You may also order products with via phone/Skype, or fax, and payment can be made with a credit card, purchase order, or bank transfer. CB Software extends payment terms of 30 days to all new customers ordering with a purchase order.
After the purchase of any CB Software product(s), you will be sent an order acknowledgement containing information about your purchase along with instructions and links that will allow you to quickly and easily download any purchased products.
The distribution of all CB Software products is done via electronic download or on-demand email from this web site. You can download your purchased products by clicking on the Downloads link at the top of this page.
By default, all order acknowledgements and related paperwork are sent to you via email.
Phone Orders Phone Orders You may order via phone by calling 92-321-883-8887.
Fax Orders Fax Orders You may order via fax 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by faxing your order to 92-046-351-73318.
Purchase Orders Purchase Orders You may order via purchase order by faxing the purchase order to 92-046-351-7318, or by emailing the purchase order to If the purchase order is being sent as an email attachment, please make sure that you send a notification email to this email address before sending the actual purchase order email. This will allow us to make sure that your email is not blocked due to the attachment.
PayPal Orders and Bank Transfers Bank Transfer Orders You may order bank transfer by emailing the the order, along with the relevant details, to