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CB Software offers direct email and phone/Skype support as part of our support plans, and free peer-to-peer support via our support forums and newsgroups. We will also provide support for those evaluating any trial versions of our products, but require that you plainly identify any support questions for the trial versions as pre-sales questions when sending us email or phoning us.

Email Support

Please make sure that all support email is sent to We cannot guarantee a prompt response if an email is not sent to our technical support mail address, however it will not be ignored and will be taken care of as soon as possible. If you’re unsure if an email reached us okay please be sure to send the message again and indicate that the message is being re-sent. This will help us prioritize your problem better and make sure that no more time is wasted in getting the problem solved.

Voice Support

Please make sure that all support phone calls are placed to 321-883-8887 (mobile) or (Skype ID). If you are experiencing an emergency and need to get in touch with us right away, please call and leave a message in the technical support voice mailbox, and we will call you back as soon as we get the message. If you are calling us via Skype, then we will automatically be notified by Skype that you tried to contact us, and will reply to the Skype ID that you used when calling us. If you do not have Skype installed yet, please visit their web site by clicking on the link below:
Download Skype Download Skype

Support Plans

A 3 months, free support plan is automatically included with every product license purchase. Each support plan includes direct email and voice support, as well as both minor releases and bug fix builds. The support plans are organized around each product, and each support plan automatically covers all minor releases.
14 days before a support plan expires, CB Software will send you an email notification to alert you to the fact that a new support plan will need to be purchased. After the plan has expired, you will be required to purchase a new 1-year support plan in order to continue receiving direct email or voice support and any new minor releases and subsequent bug-fix builds. Once a given support plan has expired, you will still be able to access any existing minor releases or bug-fix builds, and will continue to have access to any new bug-fix builds for the current minor release.

Consulting Services

If you need hands-on assistance with a project, either on-site or remotely, CB Software can provide consulting services that can help you resolve any application design or development issue. We also provide customized training for all of our products. The consulting fees are modest and priced by the day, with a significant discount given for any remote consulting. Any on-site consulting will require that all food, lodging, and transportation expenses be covered in addition to the daily fee. For more information, please contact us at